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The Dumont Reformed Church (also referred to as the German Reformed Church of Dumont and the First Reformed Church of Dumont) was organized on October 23, 1912, under the leadership of Rev. Gerrit (George) Veenker, classical missionary (1910-1921). After preaching several times in Dumont a desire for regular services became more and more evident.

The first petition for public services was signed by fifty persons who requested an organized congregation. This petition was laid before the Pleasant Prairie Classis at its fall meeting in September 1912. At this meeting, after much prayer and consideration, the Classis appointed two members, Rev. Erko Aeilts (classical missionary from 1904-1910) and Rev. Gerrit Veenker of the Church Extension Committee to visit the Dumont people with the ultimate result that the committee found the conditions favorable for an organized church in Dumont and therefore accepted the field as a Mission Field and arranged through Classis for pulpit supply.

On October 23, 1912, the families interested in a Reformed Church in Dumont met in the Evangelical Brethren Church. The Rev. Erko Aeilts spoke on Acts 2:42. After the message twenty-four persons made public confession of their faith in Christ and six more people were received into the new church by transfer of membership from other churches. George Claassen, father of Grace Crawford, and Weert Wearda were then elected as elders and Ben Lolling and Elme Dohlman were elected as deacons.

In the summer of 1913 the Dumont Reformed Church purchased lots 1, 2, 23, and 24 of the Pedergast addition for $1,200.00 and began erecting a house of worship. The approximate cost for the church building was $5,000.00. A house owned by a former doctor was soon purchased for $3,500.00 and became the parsonage.

The first pastor of the Dumont Reformed Church was Rev. H. Blaschke. He served the church for only a short time, from January 1913 to April 1913. The next pastor was Rev. Frederick Christian Sextus Bosch. He served the church from 1913-1916. During his pastorate the new church was dedicated. It was also during his pastorate that the new bell was purchased on March 28, 1914. The cost of the bell was $197.70.

After a two year vacancy Rev. Justus H. Brandau, professor at Dubuque College, became the pastor. He served the Dumont Reformed from 1918-1924. It was during his pastorate that services began to be held in English. Rev. Albert Wubena followed Rev. Brandau. He served the church from 1926-1930. The next pastor of this growing congregation was the Rev. Clarence J. Denekas. He served the church from 1930-1933. Rev. George Schnueker followed Rev. Denekas. He arrived on the field in 1933. His pastorate was cut short by his untimely death on February 13, 1934. Rev. Albert Linnemann became the new pastor in 1934. He stayed to 1936. During his pastorate the front entry to the church basement was added. The Rev. John G. Thellken accepted a call to the Dumont Reformed Church in 1936. He served the church faithfully until 1939.

In 1939 Rev. Herman Potter became the pastor. He had been pastor a little over a year when the church burned down on Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 1940. At the next consistory meeting it was decided to erect a new house of worship. The actual construction was begun in the spring of 1941 with the members of the congregation doing most of the work. While the congregation was without a church building, worship services were held in the Legion Hall and Bethany United Church. The cornerstone was laid on May 28. 1941, and the new edifice was dedicated on November 20, 1941. Rev. Potter served the church until 1952.

The Rev. Edsert Smidt and his wife Magreta moved to Dumont in 1952. During the second year of his pastorate the consistory was enlarged from two elders and two deacons to four elders and four deacons. During the last days of his pastorate the congregation celebrated its 50th anniversary, on June 9, 1963. The key speakers were Rev. Clarence Denekas and the Rev. John Nieuwsema. Rev. Nieuwsema had married Jean Potter, daughter of Rev. Herman Potter. Rev. Smidt served the congregation until August 27, 1963.

The Rev. John Ailts and his wife Margaret accepted a call to the Dumont Reformed Church in January 1964. During his pastorate the extended narthex was added to the church. It was dedicated December 2, 1973. Rev. Esdert Smidt was the key speaker for the day. Rev. Ailts served the church faithfully until his retirement in 1976. In 1976 the church extended a call to a seminary student named Roger D. Punt. Rev. Punt accepted the call and he and wife Judy moved to Dumont in May of 1976. During his pastorate the basement of the church was remodeled (new kitchen and classrooms). The newly remodeled basement was dedicated on April 16, 1978. Rev. Punt served the church until 1982 when he accepted a call to the Reformed Church of Steen, Minnesota.

The church rejoiced when the Rev. Kenneth M. Cordes accepted a call to the church in 1982. Rev. Cordes and his wife Eunice did a lot of calling during his pastorate. Rev. Cordes' pastorate was cut short by his untimely death on Father's Day, June 16, 1985. During his pastorate the Devore property was purchased for $10,000.00 which was demolished, and the property was turned into a much needed parking lot. Rev. James P. Medendorf and his wife Shirl moved to Dumont in 1986 to become the shepherd of the Dumont Reformed Church. During his pastorate the outside of the parsonage was remodeled. The church also celebrated its 75th anniversary during his pastorate. To celebrate this occasion, a new church sign was erected in memory of Rev. Kenneth Cordes and three trees were planted on the east side of the church. Each tree represented the 25 years of the church's history. A former pastor, Rev. Roger Punt, was the key speaker for the 75th anniversary. Also, during Pastor Medendorf's pastorate the stained glass project for the sanctuary was begun. Rev. Medendorf served the congregation until 1989.

The Rev. Carl E. Gearhart, his wife Kathy, and their three children arrived in Dumont on August 19, 1990, coming from the mission field in Apache, Oklahoma. During the pastorate of Rev. Gearhart, bushes were planted on the east and west sides of the church, carpet was installed in the church basement, a new room was added to the basement with the area under the narthex dug out. The handicap entrance on the north side of the church was added, and the stained glass windows project was completed. After a tornado hit the bell tower in 1998, it was decided to take it down. This led to some major remodeling of the church exterior. Pastor Gearhart served the congregation until the summer of 2000.

On June 3, 2001 we welcomed Western Seminary student, Peter TeWinkle who served this congregation for 10 weeks. Peter returned to Holland, Michigan to complete his final year of Seminary.

It was with joy that we  welcomed the Rev. Robert Scholten, his wife, Cheryl, and daughters Lisa Joy and Hannah, as our pastor in July 2001. Prior to their arrival, extensive updating and remodeling was done to the parsonage.  During their time here Pastor Bob proved to be very diligent in serving the Lord.  Numerous outreach and ministry programs were started.  In 2006 Dumont Reformed Church was honored by being placed on the "Who's Who Among America's Churches Registry".  After five years of service, Pastor Bob accepted a call from Jackson County Ministries to become a Mission Pastor for the Annville Reformed Church in Annville, Kentucky.

After Pastor Scholten's departure in March of 2006, the congregation of Dumont Reformed Church started preparing for the next undershepard the Lord has chosen for us.  New projects for the church including updating of technology with the instillation of  an LCD projector and screen for multi-media presentations.  New windows and concrete repairs are slated for the Spring/Summer of 2007.  The parsonage saw extensive renovations as well.  The kitchen was expanded and new cabinets, lighting, countertops, island, and appliances were installed.  Carpet and paneling throughout the parsonage have been replaced.  The downstairs bathroom was expanded and a new shower and vanity installed.

In the Summer of 2007 Dumont Reformed was blessed with the arrival of our new Pastors Jeff and April Fiet.  Jeff and April were both recent graduates from Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan.  A month before coming to Dumont they became the proud parents of Jakob Allen Fiet.  Both pastors take part in each worship service and switch duties from week to week.  Together they share their gift of music with the congregation, and praise hymns have been added to the worship services. As new pastors they have hit the ground running and continue expanding community outreach and youth programs for Dumont and the surrounding area.

Today the congregation numbers around 175 communicant members.  As the congregation of the Dumont Reformed Church looks forward to the new millennium, their prayer is that they can continue to grow in number and spirituality as they serve the Almighty God.