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The Reformed Church in America (RCA), was established on this continent 150 years before the Revolutionary War.  In fact, it is the oldest Protestant Christian Church in all of North America with a continuous history.

The word Reformed comes from the Protestant Reformation which swept across Europe in the 1500’s under the leadership of such men as martin Luther and John Calvin.  Calvin’s reformation at Geneva spread to many countries, including Scotland (where it became the Presbyterian Church) and Holland (where it became the Reformed Church).

The Reformed Church in America’s official title is: “The Church of Jesus Christ Reformed According to the Word of God”.  The title says it all.  The RCA is Christ centered and biblically sound, and has been from the beginning.  It’s form of church government is Presbyterian which means that it is Elder based/ruled not congregational where the congregation rules/governs.

The Reformed Church in America highly values the Bible and Christian Education in both the church and home.  The RCA established the very first Protestant Seminary in North America which was New Brunswick Theological Seminary in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  It is still producing ministers and missionaries, thus spanning four centuries of training and equipping servants of Christ.  Presently the RCA has 2 seminaries and 3 colleges.

Dumont Reformed Church is part of the rich history of the RCA here in the great Northeast Iowa area.  Our Congregation has been serving our Lord Jesus Christ here in Dumont & Butler County since 1912.  We are proud of our heritage in that God has blessed us, and through humble gratitude we have passed on those blessings to each generation of our church family and to our community down through the years.

We have had the great privilege to represent Christ and His Kingdom for a long time, and we will continue to do so for many years to come; Lord willing and He waits in His return.